Why Tomas Panek?

Hello Google!

It's Tomas Panek here. And if you got here through my AdWords campaign, it's time to scream Yay!

Jokes aside, it's great to have you here as this is meant to be a tailored-maid post on my blog to demonstrate my willingness to learn and my capabilities in regards to the position of an Asscociate Account Strategist I was offered.

Long story short, I am ready to learn more about AdWords and help Google does the right thing.

My background is in Digital Marketing and currently I work at Emirates in Dubai as a Digital Project Specialist. I am pretty sure you've seen my LinkedIn profile already but in summary I talk to approx. 1.5 million travellers monthly through 9 global multi-language lifecycle cross-channel marketing campaigns, to support their customer experience, and drive brand loyalty and revenue.